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We develop industrial scale renewable energy power plants in the Nordics

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The increasing electricity prices, rising carbon tax and expanding grid capacity means renewable energy production is now coming to you.

Now is the time

We have a solid track record

You have a part to play

Our team has established strong partnerships, and developed, built and operated power plants for years. And we will continue to do so.

Take up your seat in the energy transition and make use of an early mover advantage, short development time and concession process.

In cooperation with industrial players, power producers, public authorities and grid operators, we develop, build, acquire, operate and own industrial scale renewable energy power plants in the Nordic ​

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Our world - renewable energy

In order to phase out fossil fuels, the world needs renewable energy on a large scale. Electricity will replace combustion for both transport and industry. This transition is now coming to you. As a great opportunity!


The fastest way to start renewable energy production on an industrial scale.

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Agrivoltaic – an interaction with the environment

Pyur Energy is concerned with producing solar energy on suitable areas in the best possible interaction with the surroundings. Production of solar energy can be advantageously combined with agriculture, with solar energy production on the same land area. For example, we will arrange for sheep to graze on the site of the solar power plant.


An example of symbiosis between solar energy production and sustainable food production.

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